Jay Debont

My name is Jay DeBont, I have been tattooing longer than some and not as long as others. I served a formal apprenticeship under Keely Tackett in Tucson, Arizona at the Enchanted dragon. From there I have tattooed with notable tattooers in the Midwest, East coast, back to Arizona, and now the beautiful Eugene Oregon… Tattooing is my passion! It is what I love to do!! I am honest with it and my clients and it has taken care of me and my family. I am the real deal. I will be a student of the medium of tattooing for the rest of my life! I try to remain well versed in most styles. My approach is influenced by European, Renaissance, Baroque and Victorian painting and design, but the center of my style is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese and the early American electric tattoo composition.  My favorite kind of tattoo to do is a tattoo. I believe any concept can be made into a great tattoo, sometimes it takes a lot of time, work, and research to make it great. Each tattoo I do, I do with gratitude, honor and respect, and after all it’s for life.


2 thoughts on “Jay Debont

  1. Hey Jay
    send me your e-mail address and I will send a picture of the little seal you did on my ankle on Sept 19 if you would like the pic. You did a fantastic job and I get a lot of great comments.

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