Hi my name is Demian Thompson.
I have been tattooing professionally for 10 years.
Tattooing is o.k. but my real loves are cupcakes, cookies, ice cream,
pizza, ravioli, pie, bacon, sausage, bagels, corn dogs, hamburgers,
spaghetti, cornbread, ribs, chicken, turkey, mashed potatoes,lemonade,
peanut butter, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, 2-Pac, broccoli with butter, sushi,
donuts, ice cold milk, pepsi, root beer, funyuns, chic-nuggets,
new shoes, other people's crying babies, roadkill, cinnamon rolls,
Extreme Makeover the home edition, that show makes me cry every time!
Somethings I don't like are bananas and all banana related products,
Hitler and all Hitler related products, Josh's Ipod, old yeller,
Spiderman 3, pop rock, Rambo, and that's about it.

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